Taurus Full Moon: Musings, Abundance & Gratitude 

Tonight the moon is heavy and full with Taurus energy—an Earth sign. Daylight is becoming shorter and Mother Earth is preparing for her annual rest in the Northern hemisphere. Gaia needs abundance before this winter’s hibernation—how can we all gently aid her into this peaceful transition? To ensure she has sweet and empowering dreams. The pains of the capitalist patriarchy have taken such a toll on her (and all of us). So how can we make a commitment to promising her more safety and nourishment next year? When we accept her gifts of nourishment, we can also work to ensure she is not depleted through our consumptions. 

Taurus and the Earth element are both ruled by Venus—a dual power of love, harmony, and embodiment are at the forefront for this full moon. I’m focusing on what I crave, what I need, what I have the energy to give, and the ways in which I can add to others’ journey towards abundance. 

The next full moon in Taurus will be in May, 2018—so give yourself time to be slow and think about this cycle of groundedness. What brings home to your body? How can you focus on your ruby red roots that are always there for you, whether you recognize them or not? What helps you feel embodied: dance, slow movements, a warm cup of tea, meditation, hiking or being in nature? This is a time to set into action what you want to manifest by next Spring. 

While you meditate, I suggest sipping on this tea. I asked a femme friend (I write more about their work below) to create an amazing tea for this full moon. Here is their recipe!

Tea Of Abundance by Ødäne
*** specifically created for this Taurus Full Moon
Ingredients for 3 cups (to 16 oz of Blessed Water):
2 tbsp Thyme
2 tsp Violet
2 tsp Lavender
1 tsp Sage
2 tbsp Rose Petals/Buds (organic)
3 tsp Golden Rod
3 tsp Marshmallow
2 tsp Foxglove
1 Cinnamon Stick

Affirmation: Within my second house // Shukra dances in full bloom // Nymphs sing songs under full moon // Mind, body, soul // By sea, by earth & ether within // Abundance is now // Abundance is won

Drink and chant this affirmation every day for 8 days, starting this morning Friday, November 3. For full effect—visualize your ownership for healing and the completion of any desire.

Life has been moving so quickly for me lately that I’ve hardly had time to sit and give thanks for the guidance I’ve received. But the universe has been listening because I have been receiving an abundance of guidance from so many people in my life: new and old // digital and IRL. Thank you all for your love and patience with me! 🔮 🖤

I recently experienced my first ever tea ceremony with a dear (and new) friend Ødäne (who provided the amazing Taurus Full Moon tea recipe above). To celebrate Samhain, we gathered with fellow craft workers to meditate, release, and drink tea for the body//mind//spirit. Ødäne led us in the most empowering ceremony with the intention to listen to and build our connection with the Spirit and our own guides. As I held onto my cup of tea, I quietly closed my eyes and could feel my late grandmother at my shoulder. Letting me know that I should not give away energy that I do not have. She affirmed for me that it’s okay to focus inwardly. Thank you Ødäne for sharing your gift with the world! You are truly magical. If you would like to host a tea ceremony with Ødäne—which you all definitely should, if you can (it’s life altering)—you can contact them at Craft@WVOCRAFT.COM

Our most recent interviewee Taylor Yates for reading my natal chart and providing me with the most inspiring reiki session. Taylor is truly an amazing healing practitioner. She provides long reaching astrology readings, healing reiki sessions and amazing insights into creativity. All of which we spoke about in our most recent episode, which you should check out if you haven’t yet!

My dear friend Olivia Ahn, thank you for continually giving energy to the world and those around you. I want you to know that you are seen, valued, and held. Olivia has so much knowledge about empathy, love, the moon and energy. I have learned so much from you in our budding friendship and am continually grateful to have your presence in my life.

Rahel, my partner in this growing project. I wouldn’t want to embark on this with anyone else and not only do I appreciate your insights and energy—but I have so much fun creating this podcast with you. It fills me up with so much joy that we are giving space in this weird and wild world for femme energy and conversations. 

Shontay, I want you to know how grateful I am for you continually holding space for me and checking in on me. I’m not sure I yet have the words for how grateful I am for your presence in my life. But I want you to know that I hold your energy so dearly and close to my heart. 

My friend Cameron for continually giving space to femmes in her life. Thank you for processing life with me and teaching me what it means to be truly present in a conversation. I love the way our friendship has grown over the past year. 

Dearest Y, thank you for your presence in my life. Your support. Your affirmations to my process. I hope you know what you mean to me. 

Myself. For being patient with my process. For being gentle with my thoughts. 

Sarah Faith of Visual Magic and Many Moons—though I don't know them personally, their blog has been giving me so much guidance and life. I have been learning so much about the moon phases through their newsletter, books and posts. I highly recommend their work. 

This is by no means a comprehensive list of the people and energies I’m grateful for. Just a few who I felt pulled to write about at the present moment. 


My Full Moon meditation plans:::

Walk barefoot in the grass. Feel my feet sink into the cold, mushy dirt below me. 

Create a makeshift alter, as I’m currently traveling and in Northampton, MA. 

Pull guidance from The Mother and do a tarot reading.

Drink Ødäne's Taurus Full Moon tea and repeat their amazing affirmation. 

Meditate slowly and with patience for my ever rushing thoughts.

Focus on these questions from Naimonu James:
What does joy look like for me?
How do I cultivate my joy?
Are there block to my joy? If so, what/who are they?
Where is there already joy in my life?

What are you doing for this Full Moon? Resting, writing, spending time in community, nourishing your body with your favorite foods? We want to hear from you! Use the hashtag #FemmesWithPlants to connect with us this week. 

xx, Corinne