New Moon, New Beginnings


Rahel’s New Moon Reflections & Affirmations

One thing that I love about myself is that I know me so well that no-one can come at me from a place of hate and tell me something that I don’t already know. I love that I am never shaken or confused by hateful or envious intentions of others. I see it and know that they only see my power—and maybe they can really see the magnitude of it, something that I can’t always gaze at. This year has been a shedding of that hatred. A shedding of people/places/things that hold envy at the core. Shedding of all the people and things that hold selfish intentions with their magic/creations/work. A year that really showed me that I have all the power I need inside—and I have it because I have made it a point to surround myself with people who reflect powerful magic back to me. I surround myself with people who share themselves without expectation or false hopes or passive aggressive wishes. The Hierophant has been an overarching theme of my year. Using wisdom, trusting intuition, going inward.

With this in mind, I have been thinking a lot about affirming myself and looking back at my accomplishments this year and what they will continue to bring forth.

I commit to putting my time, money, and creative thoughts into expanding my work.

I commit to saying no when whatever ‘it’ is breaks into my sacred time, my work, my solitude.

I commit to making space to heal. Talking with close friends about my life, who I am, who I was, who I will be.

I commit to being outspoken even when I’m afraid to do so. My fears come from rejection, shame, isolation. If I am rejected, shamed, or isolated I will not allow that to affect my thoughts of self, my worth, or my well being.

I will no longer serve what doesn’t serve me. Service comes in many forms. A smile, an open heart, soft words, time, and space. If I don’t feel connection and feel that my efforts are one-sided, I will let it go.

I commit to spending time to look into myself.

I commit to taking friends/lovers who shake me to the core when expressing how I should be proud of who I am and be loud about it.

I commit to being completely raw with what I need sexually. Unafraid to speak on my desires. I will be open and honest and talk with lovers and friends about how I approach desire and ask for what I need to feel full.  I commit to exploring these desires with myself and sharing them only with people who know how to really hold me.

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Corinne's New Moon Reflections & Affirmations

This past summer has flashed before my eyes so quickly. But in the small moments, it seemed to be going painstakingly slow. Like I couldn't get through it fast enough to get to the-other-side. What was at the-other-side, I didn't know. I just knew it must be better than the turbulence I was going through. 

I'm on the-other-side now. And I'm remembering that sometimes everything needs to be uprooted for new growth to begin. I wasn't being mindful. I wasn't watering myself for growth. I wasn't listening to my body. And so, this new moon in Libra is monumental for me. The moon always shows up in my life when I need her energy most. Even though you can't physically see the new moon, she is invoking something bigger from us all right now. While she takes a break in the dark to replenish her energy; she is calling on us to live with more intention. To find harmony in our relationships, either that or those relationships aren't right for us. 

The airiness of the sun and moon both being in Libra tonight, for me, is all about clear communication and boundary setting. I haven't been speaking my unconscious truths—not even to myself. In the past I've run from new beginnings. Afraid of the shift. Afraid of the uprooting. 

Right now, I am in existing in my uprooted state. Completely raw. Everything on the surface, not just below as it had been this summer. A stranger walking by me could just pluck one nerve and I would know exactly what nerve and where in my body I had been touched. That means that I cannot speak anything but my truths, even the dark ones. And in that I have found affirmations about what I want to give the world:

I commit to being good to my friends and my community because I want them to have the power and emotional strength to be good to their people and so on and so forth. We can pass along this force of energy to one another through everyday, simple interactions. 

I commit to examining my intentions in the work I do. I commit to following my creativity the way I would if there was no audience, no noise, no emojis, no social media likes. 

I commit to letting my truths (especially the hurt ones) flow from my mouth in a non-selfish way. I commit to speaking my truths with intention for growth (for myself and the person(s) I'm communicating with). 

I commit to remembering the fact that I don't need to prove my worthiness to anyone. 

I commit to not trying to control my future. To letting go of expectations, especially from others.

I commit to holding space for others who have held space for me. I commit to holding space for new people in my life and allowing that source of energy to grow. I commit to holding space in a way that isn't selfish or self serving and doing my best to ensure that the space feels safe for everyone present. I commit to actively listening to what is said in this space and reflecting on those words and continuing to carry them with me. 

I commit to holding everyone in my life (myself included) accountable for what we say and do and how it impacts other human beings existing in the world. 

With love and blessings for this new moon,
Rahel and Corinne